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LMS Open House is Saturday , November 17

Hours of Open House are 10 am -12 NOON!

There is a wait list for the 2018  - 2019 school year


Parking is on Lookout Mountain Avenue, Laurel Pass, or please walk.

No parking in front of the schools please.


Learn more about The Lookout Mountain School in Laurel Canyon



Open House is November 17, 2018

Hours are 10 am til Noon

Applications are available at the Open Houae




2018 Tour is Saturday, November 17

10 am - Noon

There is a wait list for 2018 

Enrollment is open for 2019 -2020 school year

Please RSVP to lms@ thelookoutmountainschool.com





"This is truly the most magical preschool you can send your child to. The teachers are dedicated to making our little kids strong and self confident people that are equipped to move onto the next stage of life. The teachers are truly interested in our children’s future.  Knowing most will go to Public School, she helps navigate the path through the system, encourages Magnet programs, and even will help with applications!"

-Lucinda Byrnne (parent)


"We love it here! We toured several schools in the area and this one we liked the most. The teachers actually play/interact with the kids in the yard, rather than just monitor them, they also do lots of crafts and paintings and just lots of tactile play...which is great." 

-Karen Maas (parent)


Calendar for 2018 - 2019 School Year will be available in 

LMS Parent Handbook