The Lookout Mountain School believes that each and every child is uniquely creative and requires a safe, nurturing environment in which to play, make friends, and learn about the world. Through developmentally appropriate activities such as art, music, science, and literature, our attendees acquire problem-solving skills, compassion, and the self-confidence needed to embrace new experiences with joy.

Informed by a decades-long relationship with Wonderland Avenue Elementary, a top-rated LA Unified public school, Lookout Mountain School provides challenging academic activities that leave students well-prepared for increasingly demanding kindergarten programs. Valerie O'Brien, Lookout Mountain School founder, believes that children benefit from stimulating lessons as well as plenty of opportunities for free play and socializing in a structured, home-like environment. "Structure the environment," says Valerie. "It's essential to promote our childrens' social-emotional development as well as their personal expression through a wide range of modalities," Valerie adds. "I am very proud of my teaching staff, all of whom currently hold degrees in education."

Lookout Mountain School offers story-telling/story-acting, Handwriting Without Tears, hands-on science, art, and an opportunity for students to explore risk-taking in a safe and nurturing environment. LMS alumni are successful in a variety of private and public schools.